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This Healthy Quiche Lorraine with Hash Brown Crust is fluffy, creamy, and full of flavor. Perfect for an easy, filling breakfast or brunch!
This Healthy Quiche Lorraine can be prepared ahead of time, assembled in fifteen minutes or less, and leftovers store well. This is definitely a recipe you want in your arsenal for a last minute meal (breakfast, lunch OR dinner!). It also makes a wonderful addition to your breakfast spread. Serve this quiche for brunch alongside a or these breakfast strawberry banana .

To really transform this quiche and add so much delicious flavor, I used . Just 2 tablespoons totally does the trick and no other seasonings aside from salt and pepper are needed. This recipe is really quite easy! Below I’m sharing the process for cooking up a tasty quiche, some quiche FAQS, and a few tips/tricks.

HOW TO MAKE A HEALTHY QUICHE LORRAINE WITH HASH BROWN CRUST Hash brown crust: preheat the oven, mix hash browns with olive oil and salt, press into a skillet and bake for 30 minutes. Cook bacon, onion & garlic: Cook bacon and then remove from skillet. Add onion & garlic to the same skillet and cook until soft. Let cool slightly. Whisk together: egg yolks, eggs, milk, Maille Dijon Originale Mustard and salt & pepper. Add ingredients: to the hash brown crust, top with bacon, then onion, next cheese and last pour over the egg mixture. Bake: cook the quiche until set. My quiche took 28 minutes and I checked the readiness with a butter knife into the center. QUICHE LORRAINE TIPS and TRICKS

What is the ratio of eggs to milk in a quiche?
This definitely differs from quiche to quiche. For this Quiche Lorraine, we use 2 egg yolks and 2 whole eggs to 1 1/2 cups milk. I used almond milk because that’s typically the only milk I keep on hand. For extra creaminess, feel free to use whole milk or half-and-half. And you can even use fat-free half-and-half if you’re looking to reduce calories/fat in this recipe. Can I make a quiche ahead of time? Yes! If you’re looking to have it freshly made, simply mix the egg filling in a large bowl. Cover the bowl tightly and refrigerate for up to 24 hours. You can also precook the bacon and the onion and garlic mixture. Store those each separately in the fridge. When ready to make: thaw the hash brown crust, press it into the skillet and bake. You can then add the bacon and onion and pour the prepared egg mixture into the crust and bake it fresh. If serving this quiche fresh, I wouldn’t bake it ahead of time. For leftovers: once baked, let the quiche cool for up to 2 hours at room temperature and then store the quiche tightly covered for up to 3 days in a fridge. (To reheat, cover with foil and bake at 350ºF until heated through). If you’re storing it in the freezer, baked quiche will store for up to 2 months (in an airtight container). How do I make my quiche super tasty?
There are many different ways to season a quiche, but I highly recommend a couple of spoonfuls of Maille Dijon Originale Mustard! It has a creamy texture, a slight spicy taste with a smooth finish. Not only is a wonderful for seasoning savory baked goods, like this quiche, but it’s also wonderful to spread on sandwiches, use it within a vinaigrette or in a variety of fish and chicken recipes. LOOKING FOR OTHER HEALTHY BRUNCH RECIPES? TRY THESE OTHER FAVORITES:

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Quiche Lorraine with a Hash Brown Crust

*Full cream milk will yield the best results, but low fat will also work. Even an almond or coconut milk variety will work fine. I used unsweetened almond milk in my quiche and for calculating nutritional info.To make this quiche dairy-free, Paleo and Whole30, simply leave out the cheese. I have made it this way and it is just as fantastic!This quiche reheats really well in the oven and lasts for 3 days in the refrigerator. I have not tried to freeze it yet but I am confident that it will work fine. Make sure to reheat it in the oven so the crust crisps up again.


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